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Very loosely based off Sigil Prep.



To Quote from the introduction:

The short version is that this is a college/university for Adventurers, of the typical sword-swinging, sorcery-slinging, serpent-slaying, several-similar-such-S-sounding-synonym variety. A rather prestigious one at that, one normally for the children of already successful (i.e. Rich And Famous And Heralded By Bards Everywhere) Adventurers, or those who've got Ancient Prophecies and Great Destinies about them, and a few who just got accepted on really good scholarship programs.

It's housed in an extradimensional setting, with easy access to any plane between Celestia and Baator, and a number of those weird chaos ones off to the side.

Obviously the concept is designed based on Dungeons and Dragons, but given that everyone here has crazy imaginations, I'd meddle it to extend to any fantasy world you can find fitting. The classes and curriculums would still be based on the usual Adventuring Archetypes (rogues, swordsmen, holy knights, wizards, clerics, monks, even that rather large demonic-influenced brooding antihero program they just made...), and the whole thing will have a kind of tongue-in-cheek humor about the whole fantasy hero deal. This is a college for heroes and villains alike, and the Headmistress will probably still be someone of deific power.

Cast (PCs)


Student Player Race Major Minor Dorm
Avery Swiftwing The kool Avarial Elf Ranger Spoiled Little Rich Boy 3A
Katarina Alys De'Arnis BinaryWraith Stormsoul Genasi Martial Magic Action Girl 3L
Reginald Timothy Wyrd ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkE Human Artificer Brilliant but Lazy 3C
Tyrone Ramses Jesse_God_of_Awesome Human (mostly) Paladin/Monastic Order Hot Blooded 3C
Drayco Sutarousha Drayco Human Half-Janni Monastic Arts Determinator 3D
Likal Whitefall ChroniclerC Awakened Arctic Fox Sorcerous Studies Plucky Sidekick 3D
Jolitha, Daughter of Hazar TingYi Human Tactics and Warfare Young Conqueror 3G
Selene Marlgrin Atashi-Cloud Catfolk Half-Celestial Divine Doctrine Team Mom 3L
Kerri Keroppi SleepyOrigami Kaeruzoku (Froggy Human) Arcane Arts Genki Girl 3G
Davarioc nokvok Black Orc Tactics and Warfare Babaric Sage/Think Tank 3A
Mia Sharptooth OzLionHeart Catfolk Artificer Ditzy Genius 3K
Weldir Blackthorn psycho_BUNNY Watersoul Genasi Tactics and Warfare Guile Hero 3E
Medina Springheel davecom3 Kender Paladin For Happiness 3J

Other Students

Student Player Race Major Minor Year
Bill The kool Human Divine Doctrine Sophomore
Lapis Rimewing Atashi-Cloud Dragonblooded Natural Magic Kuudere Freshman
Uz Nagrak of the Ice Bear BinaryWraith Half-Ork Barbarian Orks is fer fightin' Sophomore

List of Buildings

Sigil Main Hall / Sigil Hall: Both names are used, and this building serves as the closest thing Sigil Prep has to a main academic building. Many general classes and lectures are held here. There's no main head of the main hall, as so many different classes are held here.

Jorasco Ghallanda Hall: Named for the two Eberronian Halfling houses of Healing and Hospitality, JG Hall is the Firstyear dorm, and little more besides it. The giant gargoyle atop the building is pretty terrifying, though.

Sleeping Dragon Inn: The cafeteria building, offering a variety of food on the simple student meal plans, as any decent adventurer will always have enough money to afford good food regularly. They also sell two dishes in particular outside the typical menu, which are not covered under the student meal plan. The first are the semi-magical Pies of Concentration, small fruit tarts about 5 inches wide, which a halfling named Jenna Ghallanda started making a while ago in response to students needing to pull some serious cram sessions - the magic tarts offer a bonus to such things. The second is the Heroes' Feast, an expensive order for about 12 people that boosts physical ability all around - it's most commonly served the night before any Dungeonball game, as there's just enough for the full team.

The Coliseum: The massive coliseum is primarily home to sporting events and pep-rallies... however, it's rumored that the tunnel network supposedly under the coliseum is the home of the tribe of kobolds that serve as the campus groundskeepers.

Cannith Hall: The second-largest building on campus after Sigil Hall, this rather mansion-like building is an exact duplicate of the Eberronian Cannith House, the inventors of modern artificery. It houses numerous workshops and laboratories for every conceivable type of magic item creation, as well as a surprisingly well-stocked kitchen in the first floor, available only to artificer majors and for special occasions. The Master Artificer, or Dean of Artificery, however, is a dwarf named Rusgard Hardalric, after the previous Dean (a Cannith) stepped down about a decade ago. Dean Hardalric has gained personal merit mainly in regards to war and combat-related crafts, as a lesser-known fact that only the artificery majors know is that Rusgard is also a cleric of the Dwarven god of the Forge, Moradin. Most of the Arcane Arts classes relating to item creation are also held here.

Sylvan Hall: From the outside, Sylvan Hall looks like a vine-covered marble building built around a massive, MASSIVE redwood tree. Which is completely correct. Maple, a dryad bonded to said tree, keeps the native Druidic and Nature Magic students happy and in high spirits. Which is a good thing, because Dean Vadania is kind of a hard-ass and a pretty unemotional character, prone to firing off magical blasts at delinquent students.

Nai'nodel Lodge: Under the watching eye of Dean Soveliss Nai'nodel, the Lodge is home to the Ranger major and all classes relating to archery and woodland survival. The building only has half a roof, most notably, and is otherwise a structure of wood and stone near Sylvan Hall. Supposedly the roots of Maple's tree even extend into the Lodge, and are responsible for the pleasant flora that grow in the open archery courtyard.

Twilight Monastery: Presided over by Grand Master Ember, the Dean of Monastic Arts, the Twilight Monastery is home for all those who study enlightenment... and a few who just like to punch people really, really well. With the Monastic Hero program slowly growing in popularity, the truly enlightened nature

J. Armand College of Martial Excellence: Home to the Tactics and Warfare, Martial Magic, and Paladin majors, this massive military-like structure is nearly as big as Cannith Hall. It's presided over by Dean "Sergeant" Russell Grey of the Paladin major, Dean Arthon Melias of the Martial Magic major, and Dean Korrin of the Tactics and Warfare major. Regardless, anyone dealing with mundane and martial combat is going to pass through this college at least one or two terms, and even some of the mages.

The Astral College: The Psionic college, presided over by Dean Samuel Na'en, a Githzerai. The psionic majors all hold their core classes here, however most Psionic majors are required to essentially pseudo-double-major on the side to fill out their studies, usually in either Monastic Arts or Martial Magic (the latter involving combat psionics rather than magic). There are apparently only four or five teachers in the entire major, since the Psionics major is smaller than most others in the school.

"The Asylum": Having had the nickname so long that nobody remembers what it's supposed to be called, "The Asylum" is the dorm for all Psionic Majors in Freshman or Sophomore year, as the campus felt a bunch of telepaths would be safest among when everyone can do the same thing.

Eberron Hall, Faerun Hall, and Oerth Hall: The three other dorms. It's been a running tradition among natives to Eberron and Faerun to dorm in the appropriate halls.

Frostburn Hall (of Focused Rage): The Barbarian school, at the north end of campus. It's perpetually several degrees cooler than anywhere else here, partially due to the current Dean, Krusk Stonewater of the Bloodrage Clan, being a barbarian of some northern tribe. This is the only school with lineage involved in it - the current Dean is actually the son of the last one, Krusk Greataxe of the Bloodrage Clan, and has taken things in a slightly different direction than his father... probably because he's half-silver-dragon, and far more well-spoken than his father. He himself has repeatedly claimed that he has no idea just how much alcohol was involved in his conception. The current Dean also has a massive rapport among the various Deans who made up the adventuring party, as the conception apparently happened during one adventure, and the younger half-orc-half-dragon was more or less born and raised an adventurer. This is all public knowledge because the current Dean loves to tell adventuring stories. Frostburn Hall is also a popular hangout for all majors during the hotter months, between the colder temperatures and the fact that the place has its own mini-tavern.

Hall of the Legendary Harp: The unusually-named Bardic hall is presided over by a pair of Co-Deans, Devis and Gimble, a half-elf and gnome respectively, who have been working together since their adventuring days. Little else needs to be said, it's the bardic college. I note, NEEDS to be said. Given half a chance, any bard will talk your ear off...

Hall of the Archmagus: Home to both the Arcane Arts and Sorcerous Studies majors, the only real Dean of Archmagus Hall is Mialee Gemblossom, the elven dean of Arcane Arts. Hennet, the "Dean" of Sorcerous Studies, is a man turned into a 'half-dragon' through his own magical prowess, and is incredibly lazy to a fault. He defers all actual order and ruling status to Mialee, which somehow works out since she's a perfectionist like nobody's business. Both of them are good friends despite it, supposedly going back to the days of the adventuring party many of the Deans were in, even rumors of the two of them having romance hiding in there somewhere. If it's there, it's kept behind closed doors, though most tend to assume the two are engaged, if not married.

The Hall of Light: The hall for the Divine Doctrine major, presided over by nobody. Established decades ago by the cleric of Pelor, Jozan, the name has stuck even past the holy man's death. However, a new Dean was never established, leaving over three dozen semi-Deans responsible for things keeping order, more or less under the guidance of an amazingly diligent Lantern Archon named Ren Lux keeping the paperwork together. Surprisingly, a department whose decision-making is done by a vote between three-dozen religious fanatics actually goes smoother than you'd think. Students of the Divine Doctrine major report directly to the head of their Faith, while the few who don't specifically follow a deity instead report to Lux, as well as the Firstyears (Firstyear classes are taught by Lux, and all faiths converge for them... beware, it gets crazy).

Black Manor: The Swashbuckling and Stealth building, Black Manor is little more than a nondescript creepy mansion out on the eastern end of campus, almost out of sight from the rest of the buildings. It's not like anyone really talks about what goes on in there, so... yeah. The only real fact is that it's run by a halfling named Lidda who supposedly never ages. A mystery indeed!


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